Stage To Build A Chronicle

Diana Shpungin, Stage To Build A Chronicle, 2022
Marble tile, marble chips, cement bricks, American pennies
15 x 24 x 1 feet

Marble tile is laid out as an exhibition platform in a grid-like pattern; its dimensions and material reflecting and contrasting the roof paper of Poem: A Damn Haze To Obey, which looms over the marble floor on the adjacent wall.  Sections protrude from the main rectangle of the floor, holding A Light From Below, A Line On The Earth Forges Holes In The Sky, Business As Unusual, and To Extinguish The Sun (Reprise). Spread across the tile are cement bricks, marble chips, and pennies filling geometric spaces left in the floor alluding to a personal and pseudo-archeological museum display.

photography: Etienne Frossard