To Extinguish The Sun (Reprise)

Diana Shpungin, To Extinguish The Sun (Reprise), 2020/2022
Hand-drawn pencil animation, composed sound, howlite, obsidian, display monitor

4 minutes and 52 seconds, continuous loop.  Dimensions variable.  36 x 79 x 12 inches edition of 3

A display monitor lies on the floor playing a hand-drawn animation, originally created 2020, depicting an abstracted, celestial skyscape that changes throughout numerous environmental changes.  The many drawings, each a frame of the animation, have been  tormented through being punctured, faded, crumpled, and exposed to both fire and water, creating a flickering jump-shot effect. The accompanying otherworldly score was captured by a NASA rover in 2019 and is a recording of wind blowing across the surface of Mars, the first sound recorded on the planet.  Two large stones sit atop the monitor: howlite, known for its calmness and absorption of negative energies, and snowflake obsidian, known for its equilibrium between light and dark, bringing balance to two opposing sides.

photography: Etienne Frossard