Poem: A Damn Haze To Obey

Diana Shpungin, Poem: A Damn Haze To Obey, 2022
hand-applied graphite pencil on cardboard, with mixed media, packaging materials, and roof paper
15 x 24 x 1 feet

A large assortment of collected boxes are hand coated in graphite pencil and placed in an organized grid like formation on a base of roof tar paper, with selected other materials and packaging material. The boxes were collected over several weeks from materials used to produce the exhibition. Mostly from three corporations, Amazon, Home Depot and eBay. The title, Poem: A Damn Haze To Obey, is an anagram the artist came up with from the names of these corporations and refers to our often forced or unintended commerce dependency.

photography: Etienne Frossard