Day For Night

Diana Shpungin, Day For Night, 2022

Concept and Direction: Diana Shpungin

Choreography – Tatiana Nuñez and Diana Shpungin

Dancer – Tatiana Nuñez

Musical Composition:
Original Score – Mick Rossi
Out-of-tune Piano- Diana Shpungin

Costume Design – David Quinn

Production Assistant – Avi Saliman

In conjunction with the exhibition Diana Shpungin: Always Begin At The End 
Smack Mellon, Brooklyn
Curated by Rachel Vera Steinberg

Titled Day For Night, this performance incorporated a hybrid of experimental dance and ballet, choreographed by Shpungin in collaboration with classically trained ballet dancer Tatiana Nuñez, who performs the piece. An original experimental score by renowned musician Mick Rossi (of the Philip Glass Ensemble) accompanies the performance, into which he incorporated Shpungin’s own amateur out-of-tune playing on her childhood piano shipped from Riga, Latvia. Day For Night also features costume design by renowned NYC fashion and costume designer David Quinn, who used the sculptural work from ABATE as inspiration. The title Day For Night, which is also the title of the score, references the eponymous 1973 film by François Truffaut who famously used a filter on the camera lens to turn footage shot during the daytime into night scenes.

photography: Etienne Frossard