Drawing Of A House (Triptych) daylight


Drawing Of A House (Triptych) 2015
house, graphite pencil and multi-channel hand-drawn pencil animation
Dimensions variable

It starts with a pencil, a fundamental tool universal in its function and familiarity.Diana Shpungin’s Drawing Of A House (Triptych) is a large scale, multi-faceted participatory work consisting of drawing, sculpture and hand drawn video animation, functioning as one over all monumental installation and community project for SiTE:LAB in partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Kent County and The City of Grand Rapids. The vacant house is converted into a massive sculpture and three-dimensional drawing by way of it being entirely tediously encased by hand in graphite pencil. While selected windows of the home double as screens, exploring narratives related to the domestic themes embedded in the historical memory of the space, –past, present and future, through ambiguous themes of still life, figuration and abstraction. The (Triptych) in the title of the work refers both to the homes address (333 Rumsey Street) and to the three loose narratives taking place on the three sides of the home.

View the hand-drawn video animations included in this project (from left to right of house):

Chronicle Of A Now Empty Space
Knowing How To Break Glass Quietly (The Ascetic)
A Severed Limb Persuaded To Return

The Dust In The Light (The Pessimist)
A Draft (For Felix)
A Smudge May Well Be An Apparition

A Million To One (For Blue Velvet)
The Vanishing Point 
The Light In The Dark (The Optimist)