Don’t Let The Light In (White), (Stained), (Gray)

Varied works from the series
Don’t Let The Light In, 2018 
1, 2, 3, 4
(White), (Stained), (Gray)

casting cotton paper pulp, graphite, linen and abaca paper

Varied Sizes:
34 x 27 x 1 inches
32 x 46 x 1 inches
36 x 46 x 1 inches

The series of works Don’t Let The Light In (White), (Stained) and (Gray) were created from custom molds of boarded up plywood windows inspired by Shpungin’s former monumental Drawing Of A House project, in which a boarded up abandoned two story home was entirely covered by hand in graphite pencil. These boarded up windows molds were cast with pigmented cotton, materially transformed, allowing for incredible detail of the wood grain, they were then enhanced with touches of graphite and abaca and linen screws. Thinking about the notion of an artist’s self-imposed hermetic nature, the works transcend their initial purpose and are meant to be displayed as boarded up windows in the interior of a space, –blocking any view, inspiration or light. The resulting artwork is an exercise in contemplating and accepting the blockage.

Photography: Etienne Frossard