1664 Sundays

1664_01ds1664_02ds(Untitled) Portrait of Dad exhibition by Diana Shpungin at Steph(Untitled) Portrait of Dad exhibition by Diana Shpungin at Steph

1664 Sundays

approx. 100″ × 150″ × 36″
approx. one ton of assorted potatoes

1664 Sundays is a monumental work that complements the animation You Will Remember This, depicting images of the artists’ father in his hospital bed (derived from the only known video ever taken of him months before his death) his own heavily accented voice is heard telling one of his many charismatic stories of determination and survival in the USSR in the late 1950’s. The story explains how he acquired his first car (a soviet made Volga) during communist rule and an underground black market culture.

1664 Sundays consists of a massive pile of potatoes spilling out on the floor of the cellar space and collected by the artist as homage to the story. Generously given out to attendees, the potato installation includes a limited amount of signed and numbered editions, custom printed paper bags with the artist’s father’s recipe—a simple recipe that he cooked for her on Sundays.

The title 1664 Sundays refers to the exact amount of Sundays that both the artist and her father shared during their overlapping lifetimes.

Installation photography © Etienne Frossard